Artists earn their living through three methods; commissions, gallery sales or show awards. The commission process has the most client involvement by allowing the client and the artist to envision a piece of art through a collaborative exchangespecific to a setting and function resulting in a design that both have a personal stake in and which the artist must fabricate to complete the process. The client then owns a work of art which they can take pride in AND boast of their involvement.

My twenty years' (and counting) experience has provided me with the artistic insight, business skills and network of professionals necessary to execute my work. By dividing my projects into five phases I can successfully manage any project. The five phases are; the initial consultation, the design phase, the contract phase, the fabrication phase and the installation phase.

ART + FUNCTION contributions' to a home, business, or public venue extend beyond form and aesthetics. We can influence theperformance and add dollar value to the space. Whether the project is a new interior or exterior space, a remodel or landscape plan, consulting withART + FUNCTION in the early planning stage can provide a smoother path and cost savings to your vision. Please contact us to discuss our fee structure.